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RCSI, Dublin

Are you interested in learning to cook more vegetarian or vegan food and also get the chance to meet new friends? Welcome to sign up for "Veggie at my place"!

The idea is to create small teams of about 4 people and meet once a week at each others homes and eat veggie food together. In this way you will get the chance to taste new food, have a good time, and also try out your own cooking skills when it's your turn to cook.
This is how it will work:
1) Sign up


You sign up using the form below. The form is open until March 21st 2020. Students and staff at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, RCSI, are welcome to sign up, but you use different forms. We will do our best to respect all your preferences when we team you up. There is room for 120 participants in the project, 100 students and 20 staff, so first come, first served.

3) Enjoy Veggie Dinners


Once a week, for four weeks between early April and mid May, you will meet in each other’s home and enjoy the veggie dishes that the host of the evening has prepared. We suggest that you meet around 18:00 - 19:30 for dinner, but of course you can discuss and adjust the time within your group. You may also decide to meet earlier and cook together. There will be no exchange of money, the host of the evening pays for the food she/he cooks. We would be delighted if you share your recipes and pictures of the experience on social media with the hashtags: #veggieatmyplaceDublin #planetaryhealth


2) Be paired up


We match you with three other people and send you an email to introduce you to your new cooking mates.

Kick-off event
A kickoff event will take place on Wednesday, April 1st at 18hrs. During the event you will get the chance to meet your team face to face for the first time and decide who is going to cook first.

4) Grande Finale Event


As a final event of the project we would like all cooking teams to join and share their experience of the project and have a good time together while enjoying some food!


The Grande Finale Event will take place in mid-May. We will send out more information during the following weeks, but please pencil it in your calendars.

Summary of important dates


21st March - Last day to sign up

1st April 18:00 - Kick-off event

April & May - Dinners in each others homes

Mid May - Finale Event

Organizers and contact


‘Veggie at my place | Dublin’ replicates the original ‘Veggie at my place’ set up by the Gothenburg Students for Sustainability Alliance (

Organizing team contact:


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