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Are you interested in learning to cook more vegetarian or vegan food and also get the chance to meet new friends? Welcome to sign up for "Veggie at my place"!

The idea is to create small teams of about 4 people and meet once a week at each others homes and eat veggie food together. In this way you will get the chance to taste new food, have a good time, and also try out your own cooking skills when it's your turn to cook.
Due to covid-19, we will not run the Veggie at my place project in the autumn term 2020, but hopefully we will be back in the spring 2021!
This is how it will work:
1) Sign up


You sign up using the form below. The form is open until February 21st 2020. Students and staff at University of Gothenburg and Chalmers are welcome to sign up, but you use different forms. We will do our best to respect all your preferences when we team you up. There is room for 120 participants in the project, 100 students and 20 staff, so first come, first served. (Sign up form will open 22nd January)

Sign up form students
Sign up form staff
3) Enjoy Veggie Dinners


Once a week, for four weeks between March and April, you will then meet in each others home and have a nice time together as you try out new veggie food that the host of the evening has cooked. We suggest that you meet around 18:00 - 20:00 for dinner, but of course you can discuss and adjust the time within your group. You may also decide to meet earlier and cook together. There will be no exchange of money, the host pays for the food he/she cooks.


Share recipes and photos

We would be very happy if you like to take a photo of your dinner with your new friends and upload it together with your recipe on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #veggieatmyplace.  In this way we can follow all amazing Veggie dinners and get inspiration from each others recipes!


2) Be paired up


We match you with three other people and send you an email to introduce you to your new cooking mates.

Kick-off event
You meet your new cooking mates the first time at the kick-off event that will take place on Thursday the 5th March at 17:30 to get to know each other and decide who is going to cook first.

4) Grande Finale Event


As a final event of the project we would like all cooking teams to join and share their experience of the project and have a good time together while enjoying some food!


The Grande Finale Event will take place Sunday the 10th May.

Summary of important dates


21st February - Last day to sign up

5th March 17:30 - Kick-off event

March and April - Dinners in each others homes

10th May - Finale Event

Sign up form students
Sign up form staff
Organizers and how it all started


Veggie at my place was started by Gothenburg Students for Sustainability Alliance, GSSA, which is a network created by the different student organizations within sustainability at Chalmers and University of Gothenburg.

The idea of the project emerged in the spring 2016 when we watched the movie Cowspiracy together and many of us felt OMG! We like to eat more vegetarian food, but we needed a fun way to learn new recipes and discover the world of vegetarian food!

So the idea of coming together in each others home to eat vegetarian food and inspire each other to cook more veggie food took form. Many students seemed interested in the idea, so instead of just doing it within our group, we decided to set up this project, Veggie at my place, to be able to invite more students to take part. The first edition of the project took place in the autumn 2016 and has continued every term since then. By time Veggie at my place has got its own project team, mainly made up by students who have been participants in the project before. The organizing team is renewed every semester. The project is associated to the student group SSESA.

If you like to be part of the organizing team or have any questions about the project you are welcome to contact us!


Comments from students who have taken part in the project

Amazing! Such a good way to meet new people, share good times and get inspired to eat sustainably!

I'm happy to be able to take part and meet this fantastic people. We had lots of fun during our dinners.

It was a nice way to get ideas for sustainable cooking. It was also a good and fun way to meet people that maybe would have been difficult to meet otherwise because of country of origin, age, different education etc. I loved my group!

Interested in more sustainability events for students?


Like the Facebook page to get invitations to other sustainability events for students:

You can also read about all the different Student for Sustainability groups at Chalmers and University of Gothenburg at the Student Hub homepage. We love to have you onboard in one of our groups! Then you have the chance to organize awesome projects like this one!

Psst! This project is easy to replicate and copy!

We would happily see this project spread to other universities. If you are interested in running the project at your university, welcome to contact us and we can share material and useful information!


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